Lifetime Secure Storage

Are You at Risk?

Do you store your Will in:

  • The pile of paper on the kitchen table?
  • That file you have that’s bursting with other miscellaneous documents?
  • A drawer in your bedroom?
  • The “fireproof” safe in your wardrobe that only offers up to an hour of protection at best?
  • A loved ones’ home?

If so, your Will is at risk of becoming lost or damaged, be it as a result of an accident, or even an intentional act of destruction by a loved one who doesn’t like the contents.


It is crucial that your Executors know exactly where they can find your Will. You don’t need us to tell you that it’s an emotional and distressing time when a loved one dies, so the (preventable) added stress of frantically searching for a misplaced/lost Will is something they could do without.

Your Will is a legal document, and there are legal implications should it be misplaced/lost:

  • The Probate Registry Office will only accept original Wills.
  • If only and older Will can be found, then that shall be used to distribute your Estate, no matter how out of date it is.
  • If no Will can be found, then you shall be deemed to have died intestate, and your Estate shall be distributed in accordance with the Law of Intestacy, increasing the stress and burden on your loved ones.


Safe and Secure

Why spend the time, energy, and money making provisions to protect your loved ones and your Estate, to then not protect the documents protecting them?


From Wills and Trusts, to Lasting Power of Attorney, we offer lifetime secure storage of all documents written by us.


We ensure and verify that all documents have been signed, dated, and witnessed correctly before placing them into secure (climate controlled and fireproof) storage with a renowned, national Trust Corporation.


Wills are also registered on a national database to ensure they can always be found.